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Project Portfolio


Infield Project Management and Supervision

Kiertin Consulting LTD has been involved with many big projects such as:

  • Multizone Fracs

  • New well pad startups

  • New SAGD project startups

  • Managing Safety

  • Multiple crews and equipment

  • Camps

  • Materials and Equipment


Managing and Supervising various Abandonment Projects

Mike was the site supervisor with a potash mine to abandon 36 - 500m freeze wells around a active 6 meter diameter mine shaft that was being drilled down to 1200m to be able to access the mine and send equipment up and down the shaft.


Water Body Access Wells

I have been tasked with some of the most challenging well site accesses to abandon well sites, I have abandoned 8 wells in a body of water (sloughs, Lakes and Rivers). I also did a sour flowing well 4 meters away from the Athabasca river bank in the town of Fort Mckay Ab.


Remote Access Wells - Winter Projects  

Mike has been flown in by helicopter to complete abandonment of two well sites in B.C. He has had to mat his way into wellsite's for emergency access on sour vent flow well sites. Mike is also familiar with building and/or finding alternate accesses to well sites.

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